Sunday, December 17

Happy Birthday, Clyde!

We received this note detailing the festivities for Clyde's birthday at his foster family's home. Rebel is an FBRN grad and Mickey is a Boston terrier rescue. They all have hats on, and they all got some pie!

"It just wouldn't be a birthday without the traditional pumpkin pie (without the crust) served for the guest of honor (and all the party attendees as well!)
Today we celebrated our little foster dog, Clyde's 4th birthday (it was actually yesterday, but I thought it was today). Mickey and Rebel helped out with the treats.
Clyde just received news that his new "forever home" was approved today, so he'll be joining his new mom, a graduating veterinary student, this Friday and will celebrate the holidays with her and his new "grandparents" this year. We're going to miss Clyde who has spent about three months with us while he patiently awaited his new home, but we're happy for him to have found his own personal veterinarian to take care of his every need. Happy 4th birthday Clyde!"

Happy birthday, indeed! And what a swell gift, too: a personal physician and built-in grandparents to spoil him rotten.

Bonne anniversaire, cheri!
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Little Clyde and the crew look very happy! It's so nice to read about the wonderful transitions they make in their foster homes. What a lovely crust-free pumpkin pie and birthday hat celebration for Clyde on his 4th!

I am so amazed at the work that foster families do for the fur babies--loving and spoiling and training them and helping find their permanent home. What a loving gift.

p.s. Is Frog Princess on vacation? Demanding a higher salary? Too busy opening her presents (or ordering her minions open them for her?)