Monday, October 19

Walktoberfest '09!

FBRN volunteers were present at the Walktoberfest held last month in Reading, PA. Volunteers were able to provide information about the special needs of brachycephalic dogs and to introduce FBRN to the public.

And by the way, our volunteers brought home $315 in donations and raffle proceeds for FBRN! Can we hear a round of Whoo hoos?

Here are some photos of the participating frogs and their costumes, plus some new friends they made.

The pied frog is FBRN grad Breezie, and the brindle is her big brother, Newman.

Between the Puppy Mill Awareness Day, Walktoberfest and the training seminar, Pennsylvania has seen a lot of FBRN action in the last month!

Many thanks to our volunteers for making these events happen and for giving FBRN a presence in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, says

The Frog Princess


The Frenchsters said...

Whoo Hoos, indeed, many, many whoo hoos.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Awesome...thank you for the great pictures and helping us Frenchies!
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Here comes a Whoo hoo from Zombo! You guys are the best!

Basil Brown said...

Hi Frog Princess!

We're so glad to join the FBRN family. This was the weekend, I joined my forever family thanks to you all.

Licks and Snorts,