Sunday, October 18

The Pup Who Would Be Kingsley

We don't get a lot of puppies at FBRN. The majority of our dogs are adult dogs whose families have undergone some crisis or change which causes them to surrender their dogs.

But every once in a while, we get a puppy, and the crowd goes wild! Meet Kingsley, a little guy from a breeding operation in the Midwest. His family just didn't know what they were getting into when they got a puppy. Happens all the time, and like a new baby, people can tell you that your life will change, but until you are living it, you just don't understand the magnitude of the changes. We are so delighted that they chose to send him our way.

Here's what his foster mom said about him on his first day at her her house:

"Hi everyone, just wanted to give the intro for our new foster pup Kingsley. We picked him up last night, and so far he has been a wonderful puppy! He is 5 months old, up to date with vaccines but not neutered yet. He was given up by his family after they realized they didn’t have time for a puppy. He is a sweetie. He is crate trained and slept well through the night last night. Today he came to work with me (I’m a vet tech) and he was checked out by my vet. He is very healthy, just a tad under weight. He will have the big surgery within the next week or two. He is wonderful with Vinnie and quite interested in the cats!"

Isn't he the sweetest thing? It makes us long for the sweet fragrance of puppy breath and yearn for the sight of a little round puppy tummy, sighs

The Frog Princess

PS Kingsley came through his neuter with flying colors and is currently recuperating at home!


Two French Bulldogs said...

You are adorable and now safe Mr. Kingsley
Happy Day
Benny & Lily

BRUTUS said...

What a cutie! Love his markings :) You'll have people clamoring to adopt this little gu

Anonymous said...

You are a great little puppy and you be the best when you reach froghood! Want a balloon?

Little Man

Anonymous said...

what an adorable little man! i'm happy he is now in a safe place!

Anonymous said...

Can't tell you how happy we are to be the lucky adoptive family. Kingsley came home with us 1 1/2 years ago. He is still a love, just a bit bigger. He is the funniest frog and keeps us entertained for hours. Best of all, he is my study buddy. When I am up late working, he loves to cuddle up and hang out with me. We couldn't imagine life without Kingsley.