Wednesday, October 21

Home on the Ranch

Billy the Kid's foster mom heard from his adopters and sent us some photos of Billy's new life on a ranch. His family has miniature donkeys and a Frenchie called Susie. We know Billy is smart enough to avoid the back end of those tiny, wee donkeys!

All Frenchies come with that much sense! Even so, we are relieved to see the fence that comes between the dogs and the donkeys. Here are the photos and his foster mom's note:

"Billy the Kid is right at home on his ranch. His mom tells me that he loves to visit A.J. the miniature donkey, and they like to run with each other. They have renamed him "Twinkie" because when his mom got home with him and he got out of the truck, his new dad said he looked like a Twinkie!

His dad is quite smitten with him, and he is getting along great with his new sister, Susie. I have attached some pictures of him with Susie, A.J. the miniature donkey, their "pack" of donkeys, and one of Billy with his dad.

It warms my heart to see how great he is doing!"

Twinkie is another wonderful example of all the good our supporters and volunteers do. Twinkie's horizons have expanded so much because our volunteers were there to give him a foster home and our supporters were there to take care of his veterinary bills.

He's a good dog and a lucky dog, declares

The Frog Princess


Smushie Ranch said...

Twinkie is a very lucky dog! Congrats beautiful boy!! He looks so happy. We're sure his days will be filled keepin' those donkeys in line, even if it is through the fence. :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

We are so happy for you...have fun with those big furry things. They have ears like us!!
Benny & Lily