Sunday, October 11

Water Lilies

Ok, it's not the FAMOUS Water Lilies, but it's a whole lot cuter!

Here is FBRN grad Eva wearing a hand knitted hat with a hand knitted water lily afloat on the top. Her mom got the pattern from a book sold by the store Anthropologie.

We like that store, because they spell their name the French way.

Here's what her mom says about life with Little Eva:

"Eva was an owner surrender and I adopted her in 2007. I live in Virginia and drove to Missouri to pick her up. One thing that may be encouraging to potential adopters is that it took me over a year of making applications before I was matched up with Eva. I applied unsuccessfully for at least five different dogs but didn't give up because I was committed to giving an older dog a home. I have never regretted adopting Eva; she is such a people dog and loves children and adults, men and women alike.

Eva is a good girl who has several Bichon friends and has participated in the local Paws for a Cause held in the two years that she has been with me. We take daily walks to the mail box before having our breakfast and often arrange beach walks with Bichon friends Holly and Hamilton. Eva loves lying in sun that comes in our patio door but doesn't want to stay outside without me. We live a relatively quiet life suitable for ladies of a certain age. I love to knit and Eva has been a not too disgruntled model for my creations."

Eva may be a bit unsure of the hat at this moment, but just wait till she gets used to it. She'll be stepping out high, wide and handsome while all the other little frogs' ears are chilly. You can see more Eva photos at her website.

Thank you for the pics! We are going to set our needlewoman to work this very instant! avers

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Your Majesty- Your subjects pine for another photo of you- perhaps with ;your crown on your tuffit... also we are clammering for some gratuitous Smeagol. We can hardly wait...

Two French Bulldogs said...

Eva you look absolutely gorgeous in your beautiful hat!!
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Eva you are gorgeous!! I love your fancy hat. Are you ready for Fashion Week?

Squeeze said...

I bought the pattern book online after seeing this photo. Can't wait to start knitting!

Eva's Forever Mom said...

You will love the book there are lots of cool patterns for other animals too. I knitted the pug hats then used yarn for the water lily instead of plastic because I didn't care for the earmuffs on the hat pattern.

Now I am working on one of the collars.