Tuesday, October 20

Nite Nite

We feel very happy when one of our foster families chooses to adopt an elderly or disabled foster. Here is a letter from Nite's foster family, describing how well Nite has fit in at their home. At 12 years old, we felt the old boy should not be moved again, so when his foster family asked to adopt him, we said, "You bet!"

Here's the note:

"M. and I were very fortunate to be approved to adopt FBRN foster Nite. Just before his 12th birthday, Nite was dropped off at a vet clinic by his owners for euthanasia because he was urinating in the house. The vets examined him and felt he had a few good years left, so they called FBRN. The urinating in the house was due to a UTI which quickly cleared up. Nite has limited mobility in his hind legs because of severe hip dysplasia and disc disease involving nerve impingement.

Nite gets along fabulously with our pack and seems like he has been here from day one. He recently traveled to a dog show with us, and all the breeders and handlers just loved him and thought he was quite handsome.

Nite loves to play with our two Frenchie boys and our mixed breed girl. He loves to scratch his back in the grass and mow the lawn. He loves toys, long hard naps and lap and floor cuddles. And we love him very much."

These photos show pied Nite, fawn Louie and brindle Ozzie enjoying some cool autumn weather. We hate to think what might happen to an old boy like Nite without caring vets, FBRN volunteers, and sponsors and supporters who make it all possible.

Many, many wishes for a long and happy life with your family are coming your way from

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

That is wonderful. Thank you foster family
Benny & Lily

Gina said...

What a lucky boy! He looks so much younger than when he came in.