Saturday, October 31

Ask Frog Princess: Boxers or Frogs?

Several months ago we put out the call for questions from the hoi polloi, and boy, did we get 'em!

Here's a post we received asking if a person who loves a boxer can learn to love a frog:

Taylor said...

Hello! I am new to the adoration of the Frogdog--a novice devotee, as it were. I am contentedly owned and serving my boxer girl, Rosie, currently but believe she pines away for someone who truly understands her passion for pulling out her stuffed baby's innards.

I hear frenchies have many of the personality traits I adore in boxers (goofy grins, great comic timing, eager to please, intelligence without OCD or herding types)without the size and strength that makes a young boxer so daunting. Your thoughts, Your Highness? Can a servant of a boxer make the transition to a Frenchie-supplicant?

The answer is, "Hot damn, you betcha!" Many of our volunteers have a variety of smoosh faced dogs, and some of the most popular amongst our multiple dog households are pugs and boxers.

We've been told many stories of people who loved boxers first and then learn to love Frenchies.

This person has something of a mania for boxers and Frenchies. Not too many people in the world can organize their dogs as she does:

"Here is the link to my sleeping dogs album. Tell them to check out the dogpile pics in it.
And here is the link to my yearly pics."

Here's a response about the similarities between boxers and Frenchies from one of our volunteers:

"Frenchies are like Boxers, but in a smaller package.

They have very similar play styles...they play hard and sleep harder!

They are a good match in temperament, activity level, easy to maintain short coats and similar health issues.

My female Boxer was very nurturing, even though she was spayed early, and she always enjoyed having a Frenchie or numerous Frenchies to dote upon and play with."

Ashley said about Boxers: "Let me start by saying that I have never had a foster that truly realized it was a Frenchie, they all thought they were Boxers! They can do zoomies around the yard together,

nibble on each other (but no one gets hurt because neither have big teeth), play with toys together, the Frenchies can hold court on the bed (b/c they always get up higher to make up for their size difference), and most of all CUDDLE together.

They all seem to think that they are each other's pillows.

Frenchies are enough fun for a boxer, and at the same time are never too dominant for a boxer.

Let's face it, Boxers may look mean and intimidating to some, but if you've ever loved

one you know that they're 60+ pound lap dogs with extremely gentle spirits.

You can't exactly explain why Boxers and Frenchies are such a good mix together, they just are. Maybe it's because they're both free-spirited clowns, or maybe Boxers are just big Frenchies with floppy ears : )"

And here's a brief description: "The Frenchie on the whole is a robust little dog with many of the same characteristics of the Boxer - in a smaller package.

They have big personalities, are tough and determined and as long as they are physically healthy, can play well with Boxers and the two breeds compliment one another very well."

And we'll end on a philosophical note: "I don't know what else to say except just this: All dogs are good dogs.
After consulting in good faith and really thinking it over, that is the opinion at Harvey Manor."

That is a philosophy entirely approved by

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

We agree....we could love'em. Hey you guys look like us!Happy Treat Day
Benny & Lily

Mel K said...

Just love that is was a topic, although our house started out w/ a frenchie 1st and then the boxer came along!! About a year and half after we got Marley our frenchie we decided it was time to expand our pack. She needed someone to play and cuddle with when we weren't around. So we adopted Rubin our boxer and we couldn't be happier!!! They are the best of friends and we are having such a blast. We love both breeds and are thrilled they are so happy together!

Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

Boxers with out Frogs is like apple pie with out cheese, or a kiss with out a squeeze...

Anonymous said...

I grew up with boxers and adored them, but when I decided on a dog of my own, I knew that my 7 and 9 year old girls would be better off with smaller package. Our frenchie has become the most beloved creature ever in our household, much like my boxers were. He is funny and expressive and even bats his front paws around when he is excited. I agree, definitely a boxer in a smaller package!! Some day I may get another boxer (so many boxer rescues tug at my heart - especially the seniors) but for now, our frenchie is a wonderful smaller version...thanks for posting these awesome frenchie-boxer pics!!!