Monday, October 26

Zee is Last but Not Least

Zee may be the last letter in the alphabet, but she came first when the family learned they'd been selected to adopt her! Here's what her foster mom wrote:

"Zee left for her home, where she will join a family of 2 2-legged sibs and 1 4-legged sib named Sake. They were so excited to have been chosen,

and they rushed right over

after finding out they had been approved to pick her up. As you will see in the pictures they have already welcomed her into the family with open arms.

All they could do was kiss her.

Zee’s new family is missing a member as her new Dad has been deployed and will not be

returning to the US until September of 2010.

I’ve been told that he is very excited to meet his new family member, and he can't wait to get home to complete the pack."

If you know of a blog with any cuter children on it, we'd certainly like to see it, boasts

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Hip hip hooray!!! yea...Zee will live happily ever after. Thank you foster family and real family
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS to Zee's forever family, and a big THANK YOU to her foster family for nursing her back to good health. FBRN is Zee best!!

I also see two FBRN Junior Volunteers in the making...

The Frenchsters said...

What a good choice for both Zee and the two-leggeds. They all looked just thrilled to be together.

Anonymous said...

I think there's one family whose alphabet starts with Zee and goes backwards, from now on! Yay for all!