Saturday, October 17

Jacob--Dead Dog Walkin'

Jacob was pulled from a shelter in the SoCal desert. He was labeled dog aggressive and scheduled for euthanasia, but one of the shelter workers got in touch with us and we were able to find someone to spring him.

He spent a week in LA, getting neutered and living quietly until one of our fabulous volunteers, who works as an airline attendant, was able to get a day off and a flight from her home in Texas out to LA and back. It's not uncommon for nice dogs to react badly to the shelter environment, and it is very common for a dog who appears aggressive in the shelter to be a pussycat once he is living in a family home. Dogs who don't respond well to life in the shelter are frequently euthanized, so we are very grateful to shelters who will work with breed rescue to give dogs a chance to show their true nature in a home setting.

To save these dogs' lives, we need foster homes willing to take the dogs in and give them a quiet place to de-stress and reveal themselves.

Jacob is now staying with a volunteer who offered her home to this boy when we thought he might be dog aggressive. She has the ability to keep dogs separated. We really need foster homes in California. If you live anywhere in California and have considered fostering for us in the past, now is the time to become a volunteer. Email our volunteer coordinator, Kathi Luljak at frenchiehelper at aol dot com, and she'll help you take the next step.

Here's what Jacob's foster mom said about Jacob: "Meet Jacob...The Cali boy that was to be PTS for dog aggression...Well although I can see many bones in his body, I haven't found the "mean one" yet. On our ride back from the airport he sat up for a few minutes looking out the window, then curled up in a ball and slept the rest of the way. You wouldn't have known a dog was in my car except for the smell (and sometimes sound) of his [emissions]. He did all his business outside when we got home, sniffed at all members of my pack, (through crates of course), then on command (go nite nite) he went straight in his crate and sat like a gentleman for his treat. Someone has taught this guy some manners at some time...he walks nice on the leash and waits for you to go through a door first. He sits for a treat, and waits patiently if you ask.

Although he is obviously thin, he has some major muscles and is super athletic. He is going to be even handsomer once he fills out. He reminds me so much of my boy...athletic, with a longer nose and BIG nares. We will walk in the morning with one or 2 of my quiet guys and see how he does. I have attached some pictures including one with my daughter scratching him behind his ears...he just melts when you do that! He is a super sweet boy...not fearful or anxious or pushy. He even sits quietly, looking up at you, waiting for you to give him attention.

Finally - THANK YOU TO ALL who helped spring this guy from death row, and get him from California to me here in Texas.

There are few things more satisfying than to literally save a dog's life. Our sponsors do it everyday, and so do our volunteers. If you'd like to join us, please email Kathi. We'd love to have you!

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

kudos to those shelter workers!! Momma said she would like to out some humans in those shelters!!
Happy Saturday
Benny & Lily

Squeeze said...

Bless the wonderful shelter workers and the unbelievable flight attendant. He must have a mission here.....