Tuesday, October 27

God Save the Queenie!

Oh, no! FBRN grad and royal pain is under the weather! Please keep a good thought for Madame the Queenie!

Here's a note we got from Queen's mum:

"Queenie is officially off colour and suffering from a very bad chest infection. A temperature check on Saturday morning meant a rush to the vet and Xrays showed her lungs are full of yukk and she is cacking and spitting up all manner of nasty things. She's home wrapped in cosy comforters and taking antibiotics and being waited on... I know my place."

Poor Queenie. Send a good thought if you can spare it to a member of the family of

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Lily and I have all ours paws crossed for your full recovery
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

poor queenie! lucas and his kitty brothers are sending their best wishes for a speedy recovery, as is their mom, er, servant.

Anonymous said...

Poor Queenie...and poor Queenie's mom! It worries us so, when our babies are under the weather. Please try rubbing her chest with Vapo-rub! Or if her skin is sensitive, rub the Vicks on the chest of a doggie shirt & put it on her. It always worked for my human kids, and it helped my Frodo when he had a cough that would keep us up all night, without it! Will be praying for quick recovery!

Anonymous said...

Give 'em hell, Queenie and feel better soon!

The Frenchsters said...

Soak up all the goodness you can get, as well a queen should. Always helps for a speedy recovery, that love and pampering, and don't forget the chicken soup! Hope you feel better enough soon to read all your get well wishes.