Monday, November 2

Benjamin Buttons

Poor Benjamin Button! He was surrendered when his owner could not control his allergies, though she tried and tried. Benjamin is undergoing a regimen now and in these photos you can see how inflamed his poor face is.

This is what BB's foster dad had to say about him last week:

"I took Benjamin to the vet recently. Overall, the doctor was happy with his coat and face, he thinks that Benjamin is looking better overall. But we are still concerned with his red paws. The doctor wants to do a culture on his paws, so we are getting an estimate on that. He took him off the Simplicef and Benjamin is now on zenaquin as well as ketoconazole. We are keeping up with his medicated baths . He's wearing baby socks to prevent him from licking his irritated paws. He also gets his facial folds wiped a couple of times a day with the Malaseb wipes and wiping his paws after he comes inside from doing his business. He is such a sweet boy despite all the discomfort he must be feeling!"

You can learn more about Benjamin Button and get a free gratis earworm to boot by visiting his foster page.

Is there a place in the world for an itchy young pup? Go west, young man! was good advice in its time and perhaps it is good advice today for a certain young frog, posits

The Frog Princess


Smushie Ranch said...

Poor Benjamin! We have a foster sibling (El Guapo) staying with us now who has pretty bad skin allergies. When he came to stay with us, he had terrible hot spots around his face and lot of lumps and bumps on his body. He used to obsess about his feet too. Mom worked with the vet almost daily to get El Guapo's skin problems under control and after a couple months Guapo looks like a new pugger. He doesn't even lick his feet anymore!

We know how you feel sweet Benjamin! Hang in there because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

All our love,
Stella and Gunther

Two French Bulldogs said...

Poor Benjamin Button, we will keep our paws crossed you are okay. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. $1000 later, momma tried everything. I get bad, scratchies, itchies, bleeeding from scratching and licking. After going to a yes, dermatoligist and taking injections nothing works. I tried 5antihistamines too. Name it, I tried it. Now I must take 2.5 prednisone 1 day and the next day a benadryl. I alternate to keep all this under control.That prednisone is no good for ya, but I have no choice. Hang in there
Lily (& Benny)

Chelsea Baldoni said...

I know exactly what you are going through as an owner and that poor little guy. I have an english bulldog who had exactly what your poor little guy has. My pup was constantly on meds taking medicated baths every 2 weeks and it would help for a little then it seemed it almost got worse. We were constantly working with our vet changing antibiotics and nothing provided a permanent fix ever and my poor puppy was licking and licking still. Our vet suggested we try a shampoo that he had recently heard of instead of pumping our pup with more antibiotics. The shampoo is called Duoxo and the type is chlorhexidine PS shampoo. This shampoo also has a spray that you use to spray any areas that the dog might be scratching that could result in a flare up. At the beginning I gave my dog a bath 3 times a week using this shampoo and spraying with the spray and troublesome looking areas in between. Now after over 2 years of trying I give my dog a bath once every 3 weeks or so with the same shampoo(depending on how he smells) and his skin is beautiful and clear. If your vet doesn't have the shampoo you can order it online at pet medication websites. Honestly that's what I do now because it is cheaper and my dog is larger and requires a lot of shampoo. I hope this helps your little frenchie out. My dog has not been on antibiotics or needed any special medicated baths since. Feel free to email me if u have any questions ( This shampoo really saved my little boy hopefully it helps your out.

Best wishes,
Chelsea Baldoni