Friday, July 17

A French Fry that is GOOD for YOU!

Meet one of our newest Frenchies, French Fry. She was taken to a shelter to be euthanized when her owners discovered that she was down in the back. The shelter gave them a phone number for one of our volunteers, the owners then met with a volunteer and French Fry was transported to a different volunteer with lots of experience with paralyzed dogs.

The first vet the owners saw thought Frenchie'd never walk again, and we were fine with that; we thought we'd get her a cart and let her zip around.
Our volunteer, however, noticed that on the first morning she was at her foster home, French Fry was up and trying to walk. She also noticed that the injury must be recent, because there was no muscle wasting in her back or legs. Our volunteer got her in to see her wonderful vet for a consult that day, and by the evening, French Fry was set up for an MRI and surgery, if needed. The vet deeply discounted his fee, so the greatest cost to us was the MRI.

Turns out, French Fry's chances of a full recovery are quite good. She had a slipped disk, which was repaired, and she is doing very well. She's in good spirits, is eating well and has recovered from the pretty severe case of dehydration she had upon arrival. Give this girl 4 to 8 weeks of recovery, and we are hoping she'll be as good as new.

If you haven't checked out our website cover this week, we hope you will skitter on over and take a peek. We are all especially proud of it. Our volunteer Julie Farrell did the artwork. If you can spare a dime or a dollar, we could really use the funds. French Fry might be the last spinal-injured dog we'll be able to try to surgically fix until our reserves are replenished. Given the choice, we love to see an injured dog walk again--a cart is a distant second choice for a dog with a good chance of a full recovery.

Keep an eye out for French Fry on the available page. We'll update you as she goes through her recovery process, promises

The Frog Princess

Sat morning update from French Fry's foster mom: "French Fry is doing very well. She was trying to stand last evening and has a little more movement in her left leg. The Dr. says that because of the slipped disk putting the pressure on the right side it will be a little slower in coming back. She is eating well. They are checking her badder and expressing it if need be until she has full control over it again."

Sun morning update:

"Well, the little girl is home and doing very well. She is trying to push herself up in the rear. She seems to be very comfortable and wants to be with her foster brother as bad as he wants to be with her. She is strict crate rest for 10 days, then is allowed room rest but no outside time, other than potty breaks. She goes for a follow up with the neurologist in 7 to 10 days. He is very nice and met with us today to go over everything. He went over the MRI and showed the slides explaining everything about it. Reviewed her lab which was normal. He is a very personable man just like her surgeon is. He speaks with a British accent. I believe another one of our frenchies have turned another doctor to the dark side. He is so smitten with her and even went so far as to ask about when she would go up for adoption and how our process works. He acted like he didn't want to give her back. That will be great to have a neurologist on our frenchies' side. Here are some pictures of our yummy French Fry with staples on top. HeHe!! I know--making fun of the invalids is not nice."

We agree with that assessment of that joke, French Fry! It earns a raspberry from you as well as

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

French Fry
Lily and I have our paws crossed for your full recovery. You are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love the pomme frites with or without staples. Get well soon!

Ricki said...

Oh, French Fry... Hang in there, girl! What a sweet puss on your freckled face! Our frenchie, Enzo, went through the same thing recently but was not as lucky as you. He's in a cart now, but we love him more than ever.

Get well soon, froggie!! Vous pouvez le faire!