Tuesday, July 7

John Wayne of the TX13

Howdy, Pilgrims.

This is John Wayne. He's a gorgeous brindle boy who is absolutely loving his full time pet experience.

The TX 13 came to us from a breeder who was downsizing, and we are so glad she chose to bring her dogs to rescue rather than sell them, which she might easily have done.

Here's the first update we got from John Wayne's foster mom:

"He is an absolute sweetheart and we just can't say that enough. He's so gentle and loves people and dogs. We don't think he has ever met a stranger as he runs up and greets everyone he sees. He loves to romp and play, preferring soft toys to harder ones.

He's 2+ years old and has just been neutered (ouch). He is a handsome brindle and he will be a BIG boy once he gets to his proper weight. Once he puts on about 7 pounds he'll be looking pretty darn good.

He has a very flat face and may need special brachycephalic care or veterinary treatment.

He is recovering smoothly from an ear infection and some allergy issues with itchy skin. We're watching to see if the itchies clear on his new diet.

He has a bit of a lazy left eye, not bad, but you can tell it's off gaze a bit from time to time.

So far he is house broken, Yeah!

He is training quite easily except he is a big time barker. He does NOT like being alone...at all. As long as he can see you or be in the same room he is perfectly content to sleep and entertain himself. He's going to need companions in his forever home."

We believe that finding a home for this guy where he'll have plenty of love, soft toys, and companionship is going to be easy. Whether your favorite John Wayne film is Stagecoach, Rio Bravo, or Quiet Man--or something in between--you can apply to take him home. He'll appear on our foster page later this week.

True Grit and Stagecoach are highly recommended by

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I guess this handsome feller is not about to rush out to rent "The Quiet Man".