Tuesday, July 14

"Boogie nights duh dunh dunh BOOGie nights..."

We just love our old boys and girls. People give up their old dogs for a variety of reasons.

We got Nite from a vet clinic when they were able to talk his owners out of putting him to sleep.

The owners claimed he was leaking urine. We aren't calling them liars, but we've seen no evidence of that problem in the weeks that we've had him. We did see evidence of a kind-hearted vet and clinic staff, though. The vet tech intern even came in on her day off to make sure that Nite had a shampoo, and his ears were clean, and he had a toenail clip before he left. Nite was looking his best and feeling clean and shiny when our volunteer came by to pick him up. We were very touched by that gesture of kindness.

Such a handsome elderly Frenchie. His foster mom and dad are just smitten with him. We laid out some serious scratch for this old school dancing fool, and it was worth it to see him feeling so much better. Here's what his foster mom said:

"Nite, or Boogie Nite, as my husband affectionately calls him, had surgery on Tuesday to clean up his poor mouth and teeth and remove two (which turned out to be 3) growths. He ended up having 9 teeth removed, the remaining ones cleaned, a benign growth in his mouth removed (it was growing over a back molar and down into his trachea), a growth on his lower lip removed and a suspicious growth in his groin area removed. My vet just called with the biopsy results on the last two growths. The one on the lip was a benign squamous papilloma. The one on the groin was a stage 1 mast cell with clean margins, so no further treatment is necessary - yay!

Nite is doing very well. He has recovered from his UTI, and enjoys lounging around. All my dogs love him, but my young boys play a little too rough for the oldster with pretty major orthopedic issues (very dysplastic in both hips and severe spinal arthritis). So they enjoy each other through an ex-pen... Nite gets plenty of cuddle time with us and is real joy to have here.
He will be going available soon. I was just waiting for the biopsy results."

Look at this boy's noble face! Imagine wanting to put him down for the crime of growing old! A sad day for all of us when someone can do something so inhumane. And what a reason to celebrate when those foul plans are foiled!

Meanwhile, in common with approximately 100 per cent of our volunteers, we ourselves admit to feelings of profound smittency as we regard this elderly animal's animal vitality, and also to experiencing an inexplicable urge to stand up and Do the Hustle! And believe us when we tell you that that urge is a sensation which is quite unnerving to one with as many candles on her cake as

The Frog Princess

PS Today happens to be Nite's birthday! Join us in lifting a glass of something cool and refreshing in his honor!


Anonymous said...

Thank you to Nite's foster parents, FBRN, and the vet staff for all you are doing for this sweet gentleman.

Methinks the Frog Princess should shake a little! C'mon!

E.V.Fabrics said...

Happy Birthday, Handsome Nite! You are quite a looker!

Anonymous said...

Smeagol, look to your laurels! Here comes the Niteman!

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Nite! May you have your very own forever couch soon...

Two French Bulldogs said...

You guys are so handsome!!! I am Benny and my stepsister is Lily. We sure do look like you. I wonder if we're cousins. Come check us out and follow our adventures. By the way we support FBRN!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

You are so cute! I want to squeeze your cheeks. Check out our pictures and follow our blog. It's fun