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Bruno, formerly Uno, has been living in Canada with his adoptive family for over a year. We got a photo montage of his life and a narrative from Bruno we'd like to share with you! Here's Bruno's note:

"Look at how well behaved we are!
This is me, Mugzie and Buffyin our sun room. My Dad is standing on the deck with treats and my Mom is behind us taking the picture. I can’t believe how much praise we get for such simple little things. Mom says that she has to be fast to get a picture because Mugzie hardly ever sits still!

We have a family of chipmunks that live in here! Here I am visiting with them. There were 8 baby chipmunks last summer.

You wouldn’t believe all the places I have to explore and play hide and seek! I can talk through the fence to our neighbour’s Husky – he’s like me – he doesn’t bark either!
As soon as the snow is gone and the yard is dry enough we get to run & play out here.

Now this is what I call ‘The Mosh Pit’!
I have so much fun when the three of us are playing together!

In the beginning I had a few ‘minor humping’ incidents cuz I was quite enamoured with Mugzie & Buffy.
My family said that they couldn’t really blame me because ‘after all I had been a ‘professional’ for many years’! I still slip & sniff in inappropriate places & make the occasional amorous advance.

But, I think that I am over my crushes on the girls. And my Mom says that
I have learned to be quite the little gentleman now!!!’. Speaking of being a gentleman – here I am in my Christmas suit! – Mugzie & I were supposed to have our pictures taken – but Mugzie ATE her Santa hat!!! Mom says that she is not very ladylike!!!

I asked Mugzie if she is glad that I came to live with our family and she said ‘Yes’, because now she has a place to rest her head – on my butt!

I know that she was an ‘only Frenchie’ and has had to learn how to share her toys and that she is just teasing me!
I love having her to play with everyday too!
This is where we sit when we are checking out any visitors to our house!
When my new friends & neighbours welcomed me to Canada, they said
that our names sounded like the Sopranos’ were living in the house
hmmmmm - Bruno & Mugzie – just like a couple of gangsters eh!

It is hard to believe that I have only been here a little over a year! My family said that it feels as if I have always been with them. When I first came here, I was a little nervous and didn’t understand certain things.

And Guess What!!! My big sister has adopted a new dog too!!! His name is ‘Angel’ and he is a boxer. Here he is with Buffy. Next time I will send pictures of the four of us together.

So, this is the latest scoop on me!
I’m healthy, happy and living in Ontario, Canada!
My left ear is still perky and my right ear still flops. Everyone still thinks I am as cute as a button and loves me! My family says that I must have been loved a lot by someone along the way because I have such a gentle, sweet disposition. I know it is just the beginning of my new adventure with my forever family. I heard someone ask my Mom & Dad if there was anything wrong about me – and they said that the only thing wrong was that they didn’t find me 9 years ago!

PS: My family would like to say that they are so thankful to FBRN and the foster parents who helped Bruno along the way. A very special thanks to L. and T. for helping Bruno on his journey to his forever home with us. He has captured our hearts!"

Life is very good at Bruno's house, a fact that is plainly evident to

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Looking good, Bruno! May you continue to delight and entertain your fantastic and loving family for years and years to come.
L & T