Wednesday, July 22

Carmen Goes to Work

We tried very hard to make some kind of pun out of Carmen Goes and Karmann Ghia, but we just couldn't make it happen. Probably the cook has been substituting decaf for our regular high-octane coffee again. She's only got the two heads remaining, one would think the silly thing would get a clue after we lopped off the first 3.

She's always forgetting that though a less twitchy and accelerated monarch may seem more appealing, caffeine withdrawal makes for a cranky monarch. And an armed and irritable monarch is a dangerous thing.

Here is a photo and a story for you about Carmy, our foster girl with the 100 watt smile who goes to work sometimes in an unnamed county in an unnamed state in an unnamed country. We don't want anyone to get fussed at, so we'll leave it that way.

"Today Carmy decided she needed a job and is helping out in animal control dispatch for the day. My work has shots clinics and she got all her shots updated and a county tag for $ easy donation. She was an instant hit and will continue her volunteer time in dispatch until I'm off work!

Now if only I could find a small child to see if she is child friendly....humm."

Perhaps that foolish cook has an extra child we could experiment with, sleepily but vengefully schemes

The Frog Princess

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