Thursday, July 23

Contest for Young Frogdog Fans!

Fergus, FBRN foster and sneaky snuggler.

The deadline for our JV Photo & Video Contest, August 19, will be here before you know it. Please do send any interested young person (ages 4-18) to our website for contest details.

Official JV membership is not required to participate. Nor must the Frenchie be an FBRN frog, with the exception of the Super Fantastic Extra Special Bonus Contest.

FBRN foster Gui and Lily

Don't have any kids in your immediate family? I will bet that your frenchie has a fanclub that may include a small person. FBRN graduate, Reggie, is a regular celebrity in his neighborhood. Often heard when out walking is "Reggie!" followed by the galloping of a gaggle of kids running out to say hello. Certainly Reggie and his pal, Brook, are not the only frogs who stop traffic when they're out about town.

Polka Dot and a Pal!

It's as easy as pie to direct folks to our website. Make mention the JV Contest. Our secret panel of judges would love big numbers to view and choose from. Another terrific place for spreading the word is at your local frenchie meetup group.

FBRN grad Waffle and his brother, Rambler

An official or unofficial JV'er could make their Frenchie famous!

Don't delay. Frenchie photo and video opportunity is now!
Future FBRN volunteers may well start right here.

Thanks to Lesley Jensen for organizing the contest!

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