Saturday, July 11

Can We Get a Trumpet Flourish, Please?

Prince has arrived.

Prince's ability to escape his family's yard no matter what measures they took to contain him led the family to fear for his safety.

They found FBRN and we promised to find a family that would be a great fit for Prince.

So far, Prince has shown no escapist tendencies in his foster home, but foster dogs have fooled us in the past; they can sometimes take a few weeks to exhibit the behaviors that got them surrendered in the first place.

Meanwhile, Prince's foster family is keeping him occupied, providing lots of stimulation, and never letting him out in the yard alone.

Prince is a young dog, and he'll need exercise in his new home, whether it's fetch in a well-secured yard or a walk or two a day. He's not a set it and forget it kind of frog.

If you are looking for a Frenchie to have a catch with or to walk around the park with, keep an eye out for this beautiful boy and when he becomes available,
pounce on Prince!

He's a callow youth but comely withal, approves

The Frog Princess


Missy B. said...

A handsome devil, he is!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful boy! he would be perfect for me :]

Anonymous said...

My family and I r looking 4 a Frenchie do u know if there is 1 in Washington State! THNX!

Frog Princess said...

I don't believe there are any available Frenchies in WA. Most of our Frenchies are in the MidWest or back East, or in CA.

Anonymous said...

OH well if there is PLZ contact us at

We r still looking 4 one so thanks any way!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Prince, you are such a handsome one. No more escape tricks. If we had a bigger house, mom said we would adopt all of you.