Sunday, May 31

Wordle: FBRN 31 5 09

This was fun! Wordle takes all the words from a blog or bit of text and represents the most often repeated words as large words and less repeated text as smaller words.!

Wordle: Mookie's PageHere's one made from Mookie's adoption page.

If you have a favorite foster dog, you can copy his bio into the box and it will make a wordle for you! You can play with the colors, font and direction of the words.

Another great way to practice work-avoidance! cheers
The Frog Princess


Karen said...

Thanks! I needed one more excuse not to get anything done.......but it is a lot of fun!! LOL

Karen M.
Festus, MO
Foster Mom to Misha & Bacon

sjk said...

I saw the memorial for Patti. My condolences.

Laura said...

Question for the Princess...

We have a 23 pound Frenchie with some incontinence issues. Is there a good alternative to those expensive pet store diapers? Are there any FBRN volunteers that know of or make any washable ones?

Thank you so much!