Monday, May 18

How Far Would You Go? Ask The Frog Princess

Nugget's Gotcha Day! What a happy boy!

We got a question on last month's Ask the Frog Princess post about how far people travel to pick up their new family member:

"I know the FBRN policy is to never, ever ship a Frenchie. Have you noticed whether people tend to adopt frenchies from their area, or do a lot of people travel a long distance to pick up the Frenchie of their dreams? Of course, a French Bulldog is worth traveling around the world for, but I just wondered how many people do!"

Bonnar gets a bedtime story

Following an unscientific survey, we found that the majority of our Frenchies go to homes at least 200 miles from their foster families. 40 per cent or so of our adopters live 500 miles or more from their foster families, and a smaller number travel more than 1000 miles to pick up their Frenchies.

Most of our adopters who live in another time zone choose to fly to pick up their dog, but we also have families who make a road trip of it, driving from Missouri to North Carolina, from Boston to Oklahoma, or from Wisconsin to Virginia.

Jada didn't travel far to find her forever family--her foster home adopted her, rather than move this elderly, infirm girl again.

We were surprised to learn how many of our Frenchies' adopters are willing to travel long distances and incur airfare and lodging expenses to pick up their new family members! It says a lot about how committed our applicants are to finding a Frenchie to fit their family.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

fp...i drove over 1400 miles, one way, to collect my frenchie kids. we got to get aquainted on the way back. i'd do it again anytime.
lucas's mom

Anonymous said...

I drove from Houston to Dallas, spent the night, drove to Chouteau, OK the next day to pick up my Lovey, a 5 YO retired momma, back to Dallas to spend the night, then home to Houston the next day, probably around a 1,000 miles. She is worth every mile. Karen

Anonymous said...

I flew from NY to MN (and back) in between snowstorms (12/08) to pick up my Rudy (formerly Toulouse). I would do it again in a heartbeat! Nancy

Marley's Momma said...

I flew a red eye flight from San Diego to stranded in a snow storm and flew back for my little baby dog!

True love has no limits :-)

Sandy said...

I flew from Raleigh to Denver to pick up my FBRN girl, Summer. Was able to get a direct flight on the return leg, which was great. It's not difficult to fly with a dog and Frenchies do fit in the Sherpa's. I would have driven across the country to get her, but flying sure was an easier option!