Monday, May 4

Violet on Vacation

Some dogs have all the luck. Here's a note from Violet's new mom with a photo of Violet in front of the houseboat they stayed on:

"I just wanted to send you a photo of Violet.
We took her on her first houseboat trip...she was a riot.
This is her without her life vest. She does not mind it though, which is great.
She chased Jackrabbits, and explored like crazy. She even went swimming with
Bebe, (lifeJacket only)
She is a great dog.
Thanks so much!"

Beautiful photo! Have you been thinking about taking some photos of your FBRN grad for the calendar? It's not a moment too soon, believes

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Violet, yo lucky dog! You look relaxed and tanned, sister!

KhrisW said...

What a beautiful photo of Violet! We loved it, just thought we'd mention that the photographer deserved some props.