Tuesday, May 12

Little Lewie!

Little Lewie is getting a little littler. He was neutered last week, and he'll be up on the website as an available dog next week. Here's what his foster mom says about him:

"Wednesday's neuter was a smashing success (he's already back to his normal self). Also, he has reduced his weight to 34.3 lbs. His silhouette is becoming more shapely. Whoever adopts him is going to hit the jackpot. He is a phenomenal dog! -- so well trained, 100% housebroken, doesn't jump on furniture, LOVES his crate, is the BEST
companion, loves to watch Animal Planet, loves belly rubs, he ADORES people, and the best part--he is a natural comedian! He is so funny....I love watching him interact with my cat. They touch noses and then he'll pounce with excitement and the cat scurries and he gets a sad look on his face saying "why don't you wanna play with me?" He makes everyone laugh with his facial expressions, his yodeling, his little tough guy strut, etc."

Lewie is a great little guy and he's waiting for someone who appreciates a good laugh to send in their application! Keep your eye peeled: Lewie is coming to the website's available page soon!

Great. Now the drunken, endless chorus of "Louie, Louie" is rolling around the cavernous space between the ears of

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

oooh. FP must have a big head!

Rocco the BT said...

Louie you sound like quite the gem! come to MA and have two brothers ;)

Good luck finding your forever home handsome

Anonymous said...

Sophie T. Dog (a Lab mix Frenchie fan) is slobbering over Monsieur Lewie and is trying to persuade her stubborn amanuensis that she needs un petit ami.

Anonymous said...

We love Lewie. Our 8 year old Fawn Frenchie needs a friend. Where is Florida are you? We would like information on adopting him.

Frog Princess said...

To complete an application for Lewie or another Frenchie, go to www.frenchbulldogrescue.org and click on the button that says available dogs.
When you see the page with all the Frenchie faces, you can find Lewie alphabetically listed. Read his bio and if you still want to apply, click on the button and an application will appear.

Anonymous said...

I just put in my application to adopt Lewie! I live in south Florida as well. Right in Juno Beach, If I get him, he'll have a blast here at his new home! Constant attention, there is always someone home and ready to play. I have owned two boston's in my life and I absolutely love Boston's and Frenchies! I live a half mile from the beach, so nightly walks are always on the to-do list. I also have a handful of friends with Boston's and Frenchies so there will be many opportunities to have fun with others.

I LOVE Lewie, I'm crossing my fingers! Where in South FL is he located?! I would be glad to meet with the foster family or let them see my home. I am completely confident we can provide him with the most loving, fun home possible! He sounds like the perfect new addition to our family!

Dylan Aksomitas

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where to ask this but I applied for Lewie and it is now shown as pending. Does that mean a single applicant has been chosen or just that the application window is closed, and the foster family is in the process of choosing from a few final forever families? Also, do all the applicants get notified if they do not get chosen? I would love two other available dogs as well but don't want to apply until I am sure I have not been selected for Lewie.

Thank you for any assistance. This may also be a good FAQ as well.