Friday, May 8

Hubba Bubba

Many people were touchedby the story of the Good Samaritan who rescued Hubba Bubba after a *(@W motorist tried to kill him. Here's an update on his condition from Hubba Bubba's foster mom:.

"Bubba is all Frenchie.He gives frenchie kisses, he snores, snorts and grunts like a frenchie, plays like a frenchie, over heats like a frenchie, and has an amazing frenchie appetite--just with out the ears. We call him bug eyed Bubba, his eyes are big and when he sees food his eyes look like they are going to pop out of his head! He is happy, super sweet and loving. The most important thing for Bubba, is to live in a cooler climate so he can breathe easier and have less issues with his allergies. Also, Bubba is eating the Honest Kitchen food and needs to stay on it; his dry skin cleared up and his activity level has increased to the point that he now outplays my dogs that are younger than him. Only a one year old puppy can keep up with Bubba. Bubba is also on an immunity support powder which has cleared up his little allergy bumps. Bubba would love to cuddle up and sleep with his people.

Bubba’s lucky day was the when the vet tech rescued him off the street, and now to complete Bubba’s good luck he needs a wonderful family of his very own."

When we look at Bubba's face, all we can see are those pouty, keess-able lips! Mwah! to you, too, buster, from

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

what is the name of the immune boosting powder bubba is on? I would love to get some for my frenchie. thanks

Anonymous said...

Love that Bubba! How I wish Sophie T. Dog would tolerate a co-regent...

Frog Princess said...

Hubba Bubba's foster mom replies:
"This immune support is amazing. I swear you can see the allergy bumps disappear. The company that makes it is Standard Process and it's the Canine Immune System Support. I get it from my vet."

debra said...

what great photos! bubba is so adorable. I'm so glad he's safe!