Saturday, May 2

Clifford and More Answers from The FP

Our little cleft palate pup, Clifford, is no longer just a wee brindle smudge. He's starting to look like a real dog. Enjoy these photos of our bumptious little hellion.

The Frog Princess received some questions in our last "Ask Frog Princess" posting last month:

Q: "Where is your scepter? And how lovely is your throne? Does your person curtsy whenever you pass by?"

A: It does not surprise us that people should wonder whether or not we carry a scepter, as so many of our counterparts in other lands do. However, soon after we were born and learned of our future position, we discovered that without opposable thumbs, scepters would have to be toted around in our mouth, and we found that lacking in a certain dignity. Before absolutely abandoning the idea of a scepter, we did once try duct taping a soup ladle to our right front limb, but that is a story best left to the mists of time. Our attendant was responsible for correcting this little error in judgment. Witnessing our resulting disagreeable, sticky and partially hairless condition may partly explain why our attendant fails to curtsy when we pass. No Frenchie, I have heard it said, is a hero to his valet. Or lady's maid, as the case may be.

Q: "Why are Frenchies so addictive? Once you have one, it's just not enough. You want one more, then perhaps one more. Then you start looking for their image on all sorts of things, like your coffee cup, tote bag, etc. Then you spend your free time browsing the internet looking at them. Is it a sickness??"

A: A sickness? Au contraire! It is the most natural thing in the world. Once beguiled by beauty, who can blame one for seeking it again and again, always and everywhere? We would warn those who seek out little bibelots and doodads, however, to be careful. Some undiscerning or unscrupulous salespeople may attempt to fool you with items that are clearly meant for the Boston Terrier crowd.

Soon enough there will be more answers to questions posed to

The Frog Princess


debra said...

OH CLIFFORD!! You are possibly the cutest bean ever!!! completely addictive.

Anonymous said...

How is he doing now? where is he?