Friday, May 1

Ritzy Seeking Home

Our mind reels at the recent news that Ritzy, a Frenchie of a certain age, has been overlooked by the Frenchie adopting public. When we asked for a little update from her foster mom, we received this response:

"[Ritzy] is just a super dog!! Loves to lay on the couch at night...She is great with the kids and especially the older kids. She loves riding in the car and loves to play with her stuffed bear. She would be so perfect for someone that wanted an already trained dog, she is housebroken and not hyper and just wants a warm spot to sleep. I do think that her ideal home is as an only pet, that would make her happiest. She loves to run around in our big backyard, and would love that in her new home as well."

What's not to like? Check out her bio and see if you and she were meant to be.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, she is so...Ritzy! I wish she were mine!

debra said...

could it be her photo? She's adorable. maybe the one on the adoption page isn't Ritzy at her best angle. I love this one with the towel, the one on her back on her bio page, and where her tongue looks heart-shaped. wish she were good with the kitties.