Tuesday, June 2

Major Mushy

We were checking out the new faces page on the website and came across this stunning visage belonging to Major.

We understand that it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, and that it's foolish to fall in love with a frog one hasn't met. But honest to Pete, just look at him!

Here's a note from his foster mom:
"Major is still doing great.

His favorite thing is going to the dog park, where he runs like a racehorse with the other dogs, kicking up dirt as he goes. He is a daredevil and almost gave me a heart attack when he raced into the little pond to play with a Lab and actually swam a few strokes! He loves running in the water like he is at the seashore.

Next, he thought he would climb up a rocky slope and I had to climb up to "rescue" him with my fat butt and flip flops. What a sight I'm sure we were!"

We are fairly certain that all eyes were on that gorgeous beast, so have no fear of appearing silly.

Who could resist getting an eyeful of such a repository of canine beauty? Certainly not

The Frog Princess

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