Wednesday, May 6


Animal Control found this poor girl wandering the streets and we picked her up from a shelter within a few hours of learning she was there. She's going to need a great deal of time and support to recover from her condition.

Here's a note from her foster mom:

"here’s a new girl that I picked up at a shelter yesterday. She is a sweetheart, but has some issues. This is a bad pic as I took it at the vet’s office this morning with my phone. The vet’s office started calling her Polka – for the Polka Dot on her back – and it stuck. So, she is Polka.

She has an obvious skin infection, which they are culturing for fungus. It was negative for demodex, but she said it could in all likelihood be just a terrible bacterial infection. Her whole tummy and vulva area is very red and irritated and you can see where she is missing patches of hair all over.

She is HW-, so that is a good thing. She is deaf, has a really nasty ear infection and has an old pelvic fracture that was never treated, so her whole backend is weak and she limps on that leg. The bad part is, that is the hip that has a better formed socket – the other hip is so dysplastic, that on the x-ray, I could see that it is barely in the socket. So, surgery may be down the road for this angel.

She is an angel – she eats and drinks like she will never see food and water again – she is 21 pounds and probably should be more like 30 – she has a big girl frame, but is just very thin. She is so sweet and LOVES my husband. She hadn’t made a sound all afternoon and last night when he went out to play with her, as he walked away, she started crying and hopping in the ex-pen.

Sweet baby girl – anyway, she does have to be kept quarantined from my dogs for 7 -10 days until we see what the fungal culture shows. She is on all kinds of shampoo and meds for her infections, but takes her pills like a champ. She will be here with me for the time being and may transfer if and when we find a foster home in the area."

This is the heart of rescue. Taking a poor dog who has been rode hard and put away wet, and turning her into a family member. She's already lovable and loving--we just have to put in the medicine, food and socialization. You can help us by sending a sponsorship
donation to Polka.

As of this writing, poor Polka has no sponsors at all!

Meanwhile, Polka sure seems to be enjoying some fresh air and green grass and maybe even some bluebonnets

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

That won't do. I'm making a pledge right now! Time to man up for these frogs in distress, even if I can only give a little. It all adds up, you know, and Polka is depending on us.
-a volunteer