Sunday, May 31


Bubbles has the most expressive face and really wonderful coloring. We lots the freckles on her ears, and they do look like bubbles rising from her brain! Not to say she is a bubble brain, of course, that would be unkind and untrue. She's a very clever, as well as a very appealing, two year-old frog!

We'll be quiet, now, and let her foster mom tell you a little about this little handful:

"Bubbles is doing well living amongst 4 other dogs; there is no longer any serious aggression issue. She sometimes gets worked up when she is in her crate and someone is getting attention. She used to show off to others that she was getting special lap time attention, now she is learning to share.

When you are as cute as this, do you really need manners? asks Bubbles LaQute.

Her allergies still cause a bacterial yeast to cause her to have red rashes and itchiness. She is being maintained with baths and prescription spray. She still has a constant runny nose from allergies. She has not been on prednisone since we got her, so at least she is coping without steroids. To have an allergy panel, one can’t be on any meds, so she has been getting along ok. We are still awaiting the results of the panel and continue to wonder what is causing all her itchiness. The test is not for food but for the environment, so we will have to start a food trial as well.

Bubbles will let you know when she's unhappy. Look at that face!

She loves people and when I have visitors she relishes in all the attention.

We are still working on her bathroom habits, she is not good at alerting, but has succeeded in going out in the rain while we stand inside to go off the porch and do what she needs to do. It is a matter of us keeping track of time, and soon she will sit by the door I am sure, as this is what our other foster, Arizona, does. Bubbles would be happiest in a home where she could be spoiled as the only child, of course."

Bubbles checking it out.

Bubbles is a recovering control freak, and she'll need a family who can impress upon her the fact that she doesn't have to be in charge because somebody else will be running the world. She'll soon be up for adoption, and if you think you fit the bill, you should check out her bio and maybe apply.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

what is the prescription spray you are using on bubbles, b/c nothing seems to be working for my dogs allergies.

Anonymous said...

What a face! You can tell this tiny girl has tons of personality!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update Frog Princess. Bubbles has stolen my heart. I also have a tiny 15lb Froglet who thinks she is the center of the world. I would apply for Bubbles but alas I don't think one house could adequately service to Princesses.

Caitlin Hanlon said...

Bubbles got her results back today and the following is what she is allergic to: sweetgrass, poplars, a type of mold found in compost and vegetation, and timothy grass. Unfortunately for bubbles, this place is rampant with poplars and timothy grass. Perhaps Bubbles future home will be in a city environment. The spray i use is betagen spray, but my vet said the best to prescribe that works wonders is Genesis spray. The baths weekly with the universal shampoo have been helping. We are trying a fish and potato grainfree food , just started today.Maybe that will help her in a few weeks, we'll see!

debra said...

what kissable little lips Bubbles has and such an expressive face! hope you find a great home!