Tuesday, February 24


Beautiful Thalia of the spotted ears came to us from a shelter in the New Orleans area.

She is facing some uphill battles, chief among them an advanced case of heartworm. She's also got some mobility issues, and xrays show some damage to a hip and back leg.

However, she is not slowed down even a little bit by her occasionally droopy back end, she just keeps on moving until the back legs catch up with the program of forward movement!

Her foster mom said that this girl, who was supposed to be resting following the spay surgery the shelter did while her foster mom prepared a room for her, instead strolled out into the hallway and down into the living room where she appropriated and peculated all the resident dogs' toys before enticing them into a rousing game of Who's the Boss Around Here? Thankfully, her foster mom discovered the girl's awol status and set her up to recuperate properly. Did she get to take any of the resident dogs' toys with her?

Look at that face. What do you think?

We're willing to reckon she did, offers

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

The stink eye, par excellance!