Saturday, February 7


We are sorry for the long absence, but we are climbing up out of a long, hard-fought bout of some dreadful infection. The demands of the kingdom piled high as we were laid low, and the blog was back-burnered for a couple of weeks as we dealt with various annoyances.
We thank you for your concern! The Frog Princess lives, though with a nasty cough and sniffles.

Here are some wonderful photos of our foster Chanel, who has made an excellent pal of her foster brother, an enormous English bulldog. We are reminded of the excellent Looney Toones cartoon featuring an English bulldog named Marc Antony and a kitten. Perhaps you
remember it, too?

Here is what Chanel's mom has to say about her:

"Chanel is growing up quick!

Her head and shoulders are finally big
enough to not be able to wiggle through the cat door and eat their

She is more outgoing and loves to sleep in bed and lay next to me
on the couch.

It took about 6 weeks but she is getting more comfortable
in her new home.

I hope she finds her forever home soon.

My dog and I are getting too attached!"
Chanel looks right at home with her buddy and he sure looks satisfied with her, too. We are so grateful to our foster famiies who over and over again offer up their hearts to be broken. Adoption day is always bittersweet, but our families' joy in bringing home their own frog outweighs the twinges of loss.

And about that "Feed the Kitty" cartoon. Was that Chuck Jones a genius, or what? demands
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

What a precious pair! It would be a shame to split them up...they don't understand the "foster" thing...! Sigh...

Anonymous said...

We're anxiously waiting to hear if we are lucky enough to be chosen as Chanel's forever home!

Alana said...

I hope that you can keep her! It looks like true love

Unknown said...

OMG - the are so CUTE together!
Absolutely precious photos!!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet big bro!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, FP! And thank you, thank you for the Looney Tunes link -- that cartoon put a big smile on my face.