Tuesday, February 17

Yonita means dove

Here's a new foster girl who came to us this past week. Her name is Yonita, which translates, we hear, to "dove" in Hebrew.

Yonita may be a bit of a misnomer for this active, slightly willful girl!

Her loving family came to the realization that Yonita's personality didn't really suit the family dynamic. With large, laid-back dogs and a timid toy dog in the house, Yonita's hoydenish, playful and demanding ways put everyone a bit on edge.

So her loving family made a great choice: they found FBRN and trusted us to find a fabulous home where Yonita's personality and temperament would be a perfect fit. We know her new family is watching and waiting for just such a one as she.

Maybe it's you? wonders

The Frog Princess

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