Saturday, February 14


Myrtle is a puppy mill survivor. She is slowly coming out of her shell and learning about the pleasures of life as a domestic dog, living in the house, playing with other dogs, enjoying life outside a small cage and without the constant demands of puppies, puppies, puppies.

She's an older girl, so we expect that she'll be in foster care for some time as she recovers her health and waits for just the right kind of loving family to discover her and offer her a place in their hearts.

Here's the update her very patient, kind foster mom sent us:

"Myrtle has been with me for about a month now. She has been spayed with, thankfully, no complications. She's doing very well.

Potty training has been quite a challenge for us. The weather has been so rotten that I can't blame her for not wanting to go outside. When she hears the word "outside" she runs to her bed and hides. lol. But, during the last few days I've noticed that she will go and look at the back door. I have one chance to pay attention. If I miss it, then too bad for me. But, at least I know that she knows where she's supposed to go. That is a major deal for all of us.

She has started to play with the other dogs, which is so cute. She's a little old lady, but she can move it when she wants to . She takes all of the pestering that my Pug puppy foster can dish out. She lets him know when she's had enough and he gets the message.

My own Pug, Jackie Chan, suddenly went blind almost a year ago. He has not adjusted to being blind very well and has been depressed during most of this time. He completely quit playing with the other dogs. Until Myrtle. They wrestle together on the floor and play bite each other. It actually brought tears to my eyes when I saw this. It's like they're therapy for each other. They both seem much happier.

One really beautiful thing that has happened is that she's now coming to us for attention. She's excited when we come home and runs over to us for love. My daughter had a friend over this week and she actually went over to the girl to check her out. I was very excited to see such normal doggie behavior from her.

I've attached a few pics of Miss Myrtle."

This is one of our favorite kinds of stories! A neglected, pitiful old girl who has never known love or even a kind word drops like an alien into a whole new reality full of strange and wonderful experiences: warmth, love, good food, play and gentle hands.
The important thing is not how much time she has remaining to enjoy these newfound pleasures; the important thing is that we found her in time to allow her to know them at all.

Foster families make this transformation possible. We offer our thanks and appreciation to every foster home and family and all the supporters, sponsors, and volunteers who make this rescue organization possible.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Jackie and Myrtle, a match made in heaven. Thanks for the heartwarming story FP. Valentines come in all shapes and sizes (and ages!)

Anonymous said...

Miss Myrtle--I'm so happy we were able to get you out of that mill and into a loving home.

Anonymous said...

These are the stories that get to me. The former puppymill dogs second chance at a real life. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Jackie and Myrtle found one another.... I hope they never have to part, even though Myrtle is in foster, it sounds like she found a forever home already.