Monday, February 9


Tubbs is here! He's a wonderful dog, active, healthy, good-natured and cute as a bug. Look at those toes! Adorable.

Tubbs' loving family had to give him up when their one year-old baby developed an allergy to dog saliva. What a shame! We find ourselves wondering if the infant didn't develop this allergy on purpose, as a way of getting all the parental attention himself.

We ourselves subscribe to the Duchess's advice: "Speak harshly to your little boy, and beat him when he sneezes! He only does it to annoy, because he knows it teases!" We realize that in some areas of the kingdom, sound and regular beatings for the child's own good has fallen out of favor as a parenting tool. Even among the parents in the FP's own court, in these days of parental permissiveness, we know several who would probably purse their lips at us and hand us a lot of psychological studies about the negative impact of beatings on children, but we speak as an elder sibling, and we say we'd put nothing past the scheming nature of the second born, including the deliberate faking of allergic reactions, if it meant more face time with the mother. Munchhausen's syndrome. We wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Tubbs is a bit on the thin side, but we are going to try to tempt him with delicious foods and bring him up to wrasslin' weight.

Tubbs is very people-centered. Poor boy does not like being crated when his people are home, and he doesn't even like to be baby-gated. He piddles--whether from frustration or anxiety, we don't know. But he loves his people and sees no reason why he should be apart from them.

Keep an eye out for Tubbs on the available page. He's a classic Frenchie personality and would be a perfect "first Frenchie" for a family.

Doesn't he resemble the Mr. Reusch logo from the top banner on the FBRN front page?

We think so, too! It's the toes!

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

OMG you're on a roll.

Anonymous said...

You're so right about the toes!

Anonymous said...

Hey! The eldest born is often just as sneaky. Sneakier. And manipulative. And domineering. Also, not beyond a little abuse herself. Toepinching, for example.
Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Toepinching?! {gasps}

Letitia said...

Awh, I applied for Tubbs last week and just found this blog! He's toooooo cute!