Monday, February 9


A number of years ago, when FBRN was young, a hoydenish young Frenchie named Jazz was surrendered to us. Some lovely and caring religious women applied for her and were selected as Jazz's forever family. Heaven knows naughty Jazz could use the discipline and routine of a religious order! Not to mention the prayers.

Here's a note we got from her adoptive family recently. Doesn't Jazzy look great?
"We adopted Jazz in 2003 through your rescue and she is one feisty pup! I am sending a picture so those who remember her can see her. While she loved the kitties as long as they were kitties, they now equal Jazz's size or exceed it, and her mission is now to eliminate them from any room she is in. For their part, they have learned all the best high spots in any given room! We don't know what we'd do without our sweet Jazz and are always grateful that we found her. God bless you! Sr. K and Sr. J, IL (Sr. B has joined us since we got Jazz, as well)"

Thank you, Sisters! We are so happy to hear that Jazz is still getting into mischief and keeping everyone on their toes. It's what Frenchie girls do best! (We are thinking she should be nicknamed Mary Clancy! Remember that old movie? We loved it.)

Sending a wish for many more years with the pretty little stinker from

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Jazzy seems to be harboring some un-christian thoughts regarding those cats. They better start saying their Hail Marys if the good Sisters step out of the room for more than a few minutes...