Monday, February 9


Here in the kingdom, we have seen no sun for lo! these many dreary days on end. When we received these revolting photographs of dear Iris in the cancer-causing but irresistible sunshine, we came close to bursting into tears and running amok amid the castle's soggy garden with a hedgetrimmer in one hand and a lopper in the other just to relieve some of our SAD-inspired madness. Fortunately, we were distracted from our misbegotten impulse by a call from a friend who complained that it was in the zeros in her neighborhood and there was 3 feet of snow on the ground. There may be worse things than a little dampness. Perspective is always good, we remind ourselves. Grass is always greener and so on.

Here's a note from Iris's foster mom to go with the pretty photos she sent. "We have actually had cold weather this week here in TX and I must say, I feel for everyone who has to have more than a day of winter weather. Iris REFUSED to go outside... I sometimes wonder whether we got her story all wrong and she really was a parlor dog who sat on a silk pillow all day. As soon as she gets outside... and I am talking 30 degrees is the coldest it has been here (not that cold)... she sits her butt down and convulses with shivers! She is a silly girl."

They jest at scars who never felt a wound! 30 degrees not that cold? You go outside in the 30 degree air with your bare ears all out and walk on the 30 degree grass in your bare piggies and see how you feel about it then! Some people have no compassion.

You tell her, Iris! We don't blame you a bit for resisting the cruel bite of winter.
Continue your protest until the world comes to its senses and brings back the warm, advises

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Yes, just look at that wretched tawdry girl with her suntanned and glistening coat. It's shameful.

signed, soggy

Anonymous said...

Wooo, who is looking all dignified now, Miss Iris? No one would know the rest, to see you now.