Saturday, February 7


We rarely get puppies at FBRN. We get them, but we don't get very many, compared to the numbers of adult dogs we take in.

We offer these photos of healthy, happy Dylan to those of our readers, who, like The Frog Princess, can not have too much puppy news.

Dylan's owner bought a puppy from a breeder he found on the Internet.

Happily, and unlike many puppies bought online, Dylan was healthy and puppyish and raring to go right off the plane.

Within just a day or two, his owner realized a puppy was more than he'd bargained for, and he called FBRN. That was the smart thing to do. We are delighted that Dylan is with us and we are so glad his owner recognized that rescue was the way to go. We will find Dylan a wonderful family where he can grow up and be cherished.

Here is Dylan undergoing some socialization with his foster siblings. He's a tiny pup, so he's not grasping the idea of housebreaking just yet, but his foster mom makes frequent trips to the warehouse store for Nature's Miracle and paper towels. It's not far.

Frenchie wrasslin' 101.

Note that there is always an official on hand to stop the action if it gets too intense.

Little boys need snuggling as well as exercise!

Sleepytime at the end of the day.

Euell Gibbons in canine shape!

Tomorrow: MORE adventures!

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures where little Dylan is just a blur! Puppy energy!