Friday, March 6

He is Revo!

We received two updates this week on a new foster named Revo. The first update is from his foster sister, Bella, who has found little to admire in this young frogdog.

"Dear FBRN volunteers, this is Princess Bella, I am probably six or seven years old, a beautiful brindle, and am looking into surrendering myself to FBRN because my mom brought in ANOTHER foster dog, this time with his--you know, his--his THINGS intact!! Please, cover yourself up at least; I am a lady!

I am sure you will agree that a distinguished elder such as myself should NOT be exposed to such tomfoolery and monkey business as there is in this Revo! (harumph) I try my best to sandwich myself during any playtime between Revo and my younger servant, I mean my brother Humphries, but they usually ignore me and keep on playing!

Whose kingdom is this? Am I not the eldest and wisest in a French Bulldog matriarchy? If you don't have permission from me to play, then phooey on your
playtime! And when you invite me to play, you should understand that my ears going back means, "Go away!" It does not mean, "Play bow and jump around!"

Furthermore, this Revo has a problem with marking. I have an image that I am submitting to you as evidence of this bad behavior. When we walk together, he stops every three feet or so to mark, mark, mark! My street (yes, that's MY street, MY lamppost, MY sidewalk!) does not need Revo's smell! He even tried to mark my brother Humphries when we were outside! I could not understand WHY my mom was laughing and not flagging down a police car to take this Revo to the station and book him for public nuisance!

Yours Truly,

It sounds to us as though Princess Bella
should take a chill pill. Or perhaps a laxative. The second note is from our volunteer, Revo's foster mom. She has some nicer things to say about Revo! "Hello from one of Bella's mamas: Yes, it's true, Revo does mark and loves to play! He is a wonderful boy, about a year old. He was surrendered because dogs were not allowed in his building. [The daughter of a volunteer was pressed into service and she] jumped in her car with a moment's notice, and rescued Revo before he was dropped at a shelter.
... Revo will be getting neutered soon... Revo gets along very well with Humphries and other dogs we have met. We haven't met any children on our walks yet, but I expect he'll do just fine. He also crawls on the ground--it's so funny to watch--it's like he's trying to swim across the floor or something. He is a sweet sweet boy, and besides the marking problem he is almost perfect. He looooves to play, but also was fine getting pulled on my lap and was happy to sit there until he heard Humphries in the other room, and had to explore what was going on!

Revo has been eating raw since yesterday morning, and his pooh has firmed up and his gas is almost gone!

I can't emphasize enough what a sweet sweet boy this is. He even goes into his crate when he is told!


p.s. Here are the pictures, and per Bella's request you can see how Revo loves to mark the sidewalk! I also couldn't help but snap a shot of Bella's disapproving face. Cheer up, Bella! He won't be here forever :)"

The resident frogs in our volunteers' homes are the unsung heroes of FBRN. They share their families' love, they share their toys, they share their beds and even share their treats. For Bella and all our resident frogs we have these two little words: "Thank you!"

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Heavens that is one stinkeye, Princess Bella! You be nice to the young 'un :)

KhrisW said...

What a cute post!

Bella, I'm sure you'll learn to love him....