Monday, December 21


This is one of those sad/happy stories of rescue. Sad for the owner, happy for us to be able to help. When Sylvie's owner feared she would have to euthanize her paralyzed dog because she thought no one would take her, the vet called us.

Sylvie's foster mom has more:

"I am scheduled to pick up Sylvie this coming Wednesday, here is her story:

Sylvie is a 5 year old pied girl who went down in the back 3 years ago and has been in a cart ever since. She traveled to work with her mom, and is a happy-go-lucky little trooper.

Recently Sylvie's mom was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. She was boarding Sylvie at her vet's while receiving treatment, but recently had her right lung removed and can no longer care for Sylvie. According to her vet, the owner was more concerned that she would have to have Sylvie put down than for her own health.

Sylvie's fantastic vet took it upon herself to contact us, arrange for her surrender, drive to the owner's house to get her signature on the surrender form, AND emailed me this morning to say that her clinic is DONATING a dental exam as she is concerned that Sylvie's teeth may have some decay and possible extractions. She will have the procedure on Tuesday, so think good thoughts for our incoming girl.

Gary has already sent Sylvie scootie sacks, Ralphie's foster mom, Kristen, has given me loads of advice, and her vet is going to school me on bladder expression and
physical therapy to keep her limber. I'm technically going to be a "temporary" foster - but it's good to be prepared! ;)

I've attached photos the vet sent me that were taken this week. I will post new pics of her Wednesday after I get her home and settled."

We wish Sylvie's mom the best and we send our deepest thanks to Sylvie's caring vet, who went above and beyond what many vets and people might do. She and her staff evinced the spirit of Christmas Present, gave a true gift of the Maji, and performed a selfless act of loving kindness to two souls in need. Acts like these inspire and encourage all our volunteers to greater heights, and that includes

The Frog Princess


Smushie Ranch said...

This story brings tears to my eyes. I'm so glad to hear Sylvie has such a caring mom and wonderful vet. In 2004 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was more worried about what would happen with my dogs while I was recuperating in the hospital after surgery. I was blessed with an amazing vet who took care of them and even made house visits after I came home from the hospital. Thank God for people like this.

We're going to keep Sylvie's mom in our thought's and prayers.


The Frenchsters said...

Beautiful story. True holiday spirits shining through. May everyone take a moment to be grateful for such inspiring people and pets everywhere.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mommas sniffling! What a story..yep..sad and happy
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Heaven bless Sylvie's foster mom. That is bravery and kindness, to inspire us all.

the Hibler herd! said...

Welcome to beautiful Sylvie! May yer stay with FBRN be full of happy fun days playing with yer foster siblings! Much love coming to you & yer foster momma (& yer foster fur siblings, too) from all of us chilly Connecticut!!!