Friday, November 27

A Tater Tot

We hesitate to post these photos. We don't want to be accused of inciting puppy-lust. However, some things are meant to be shared.

Puppies are one of those things.

Meet Tater. He is just a baby, but his dad was so very allergic to him that he just couldn't keep the poor puppy, so one of our volunteers met with the dad and did the surrender. Here's Tater's first report from his foster mom:

Tater was very much loved and spoiled by his Dad who was obviously allergic and had hives all over his body. (My friend who came with me to do the surrender broke out in hives too, and she has a pug) Tater's up to date on all his shots, heartworm, microchipped, came with toys and a bed but no crate. It looks like he was shipped by a breeder in Oklahoma at 9 weeks. Tater is the cutest little French Bulldog puppy I have ever seen - his little tongue sticks out!

He's very social, he wants to play with my frog Bruno, and give him lots of kisses. He is totally intrigued by my 30lb cats - he gave them kisses as well.

He hates to be crated - so he howls in protest - and I am sucker and let him sleep in the bed, with my boyfriend, my frenchy, and two 30lb cats - it was very crowded :) He would wake up every 3 hours and I would bring him to his peep-peep pad where he peed once on the pad and three times really close to it. He didn't pee in my bed and generally was very good about letting us know when he had to go."

Already he's being such a good boy. Keep an eye out for Tater on the available page soon. And if you want a puppy, best brush up those application writing skills, because we have a feeling there will be some stiff competition, prophesies

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh adorable!!
Benny & Lily

Smushie Ranch said...! Words cannot express his cuteness. And he even gets along with the resident alien cat thing. He's the perfect little man.

Stella and Gunther

Ana-Maria said...


now-or-never said...

Oh Baby Tater Tot!! When oh WHEN are you going to be available?? I have my application waiting for you!!