Saturday, December 26

Sammi Am

Nine year-old Sammi came to us a neglected, seriously underweight boy with glaucoma, cataracts, a bad back and an eye ulcer.

In a few weeks, check out the difference in his appearance and health. From his foster mom:

"Sammi went yesterday for his follow-up visit to the ophthalmologist to check the glaucoma in his left eye. Good news all around to report.The pressure was half what it was on the first visit. It is still not normal, but is acceptable. Once the Xalatan eye drops run out, they do not have to be renewed. He will continue to take 1/4 of an Acetazolamid 125mg tab twice a day. Sammi likes this because he hates the drops. It is also good for our finances, because the drops were
$95.00 per month, but the tabs are only $14.00. The Dr. said to monitor the eye's appearance and come back if it starts to appear too bulgy. He suggested I take photos for comparison puposes. He weighs 23.4lbs now, up from 18.2 at the start..\
So, I dutifully got out my camera and these pictures are the result. It was a sunny, mild day so we went out on the deck again. Pardon his drippy nose. He is not sick. His nares are very tight and that happens when he outside or excited. All the indoor shots are from when T. first picked him up so you can see the change. I think maybe one more pound, and then we have to figure out what his maintenance portion is. His coat is softer and his ears finally not crusty. More work to do on the coat. He still does not care for spa day, pooping and peeing in dismay.
He is a good boy, a quiet boy. He always goes potty outside now, awakening me at 4am with his wail so he can go down his ramp. I turn on the flood lights so he won't fall off in the dark. Wonder what my neighbor thinks of this behavior? Eating, sleeping, snacking -- Sammi whiles away his time in peaceful happiness."

We mentioned that some of our foster dogs received Secret Santa packages from FBRN

volunteers. Sammi was not forgotten! Here he is in his ultra-comfy, super warm and snugglesome bed with a coordinating blanket. You'd never have guessed that 8 weeks ago this guy looked like he'd been through the mill, would you?

Here he is in his faux leather jacket.

He's a good looking guy. Even if he does have uncivilized morning habits, allows

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Sammi. An old guy gotta go when he gotta go. Glad you are safe and snug with a full belly and kind people who love you.

Anonymous said...

WOW. The before and after pictures leave me speechless! Thank you Sammi's foster family and FBRN.

debra said...

Yay Sammi! You look great! :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

AAhhh..bless you Sammi. And those humans taking care of you too.
Benny & Lily