Saturday, December 19

(C)Rocket's White Christmas

You may remember the pitiful boy Crockett, found footsore and a-wandering in the far reaches of Gawdknowswhere, Texas, last year? His heart was squirming with worms and vets weren't giving much odds on the chances he'd survive the treatment, poor skinny, lonesome, sad old boy.

Guess what?

Crockett, now Rocket, was a perfect patient, a great houseguest, and so wonderful with the boy in his foster home that he was placed in a home with more children. More kids = more fun, is the calculation we believe his foster mom used when choosing the family for him.

He's living near our nation's capitol these days and waiting till the snow sticks to make a snow senator with the children. Hope he has some boots and mittens.

Keep those white Christmas dreams alive, Rocket!

The Frog Princess

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Smushie Ranch said...

Hard to believe Rocket was ever skinny! BOL! Looks like he's gonna have a very merry Christmas...

Stella, Gunther & Betty