Thursday, December 17

Addison's Christmas

We mentioned last week that some of our volunteers like to send foster dogs a little Christmas care package around the holidays. It's so much fun for us to see what the fosters get!

When Addison's foster mom received a Christmas care package for Addison, she was surprised and delighted, because Addison hadn't been entered in the drawing this year. Here is her note.

"Addison and myself were very surprised to find a package in our mail box. I had not requested any Santa's for my fosters because I knew Hummer and Bella would be gone by Christmas. I wasn't expecting Kennee and I thought since Addison was a hospice girl, she wouldn't be around long enough to use any goodies.

Well, someone cares enough about this little sweetheart to think of her at Christmas time and sent her a very nice package of all kinds of good, natural treats, a snugly warm pink blanket and a ginger bread man that is a squeaky toy. I am forever grateful to K. M. for thinking of her and loving her enough to send this very nice package.

Tim and I love her with all our hearts and it is nice to see such kindness to this
little baby girl. I was sad knowing that this is most likely her last Christmas but happy that someone really cared to think of her. Here are some pictures of her with her goodies and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Mine was just made perfect by someone else's generosity!!! K, I can not thank you enough and may you be blessed ten fold for this kind act to a special girl!"

Addison has cancer in her sinus and facial bones. She and several other dogs are staying in the care of volunteers in what we call our hospice program. However, next week we are putting a dog on the available page who falls in between hospice and healthy. Her name is Goldie. If you have a soft spot for older dogs, keep an eye out for her bio and see if you might be the right home for this mature girl.

We don't know how much time any of our hospice frogs have, and our foster families just love them for as long as they can. Still, it is extra sweet to know that even the least of our foster dogs are loved from afar. We think these gifts from kind strangers are further evidence of the superior quality of all the volunteers of FBRN, submits

The Frog Princess


Smushie Ranch said...

It makes us sad to think this is Addison's last Christmas. But knowing that she is loved so much is a blessing.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Wonderful!! Merry Christmas Addison...
Benny & Lily

debra said...

yay addie!! looks like you hit the jackpot. xo