Tuesday, December 15

Which Is the Heavyweight?

Which of these beasts is heaviest?

Ha! Trick question!

They both weigh 50 pounds.

Floyd the frog is on a slimming regimen.

Of course, the poodle need not watch the treats intake or take a longer walk. The poodle is perfect. All poodles always think they are perfect.

A sentiment we likewise hold about

The Frog Princess

PS Since the above photo was taken, Floyd has trimmed 5 pounds off his frame and can now show off a waistline not heretofore perceived.

In this photo, you can see it, too. We hope that somewhat irritable expression about the eyes is not a result of self-denial, but from what we recall of our attempts at reducing, we fear his mood may not be as merry and bright as

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Poor Floyd! Dieting around the holidays is not fun! Wishing you a reasonable ration of tasty treats and a very merry Christmas!

Smushie Ranch said...

He does look a little peeved. Our Stella has a bit of waistline problem too. She hasn't been happy about her diet either.

Gunther, Stella & Betty

Life With Dogs said...

I would have guessed that one wrong!! :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

BOL...BOL...you little piggy! I though I weighed a bit much at 30 pounds..you guys are to cute!
Benny & Lily