Friday, September 19


The irrepressible Darcy is one of a number of puppies on our available page. When we asked her foster mom to say a few things about Darcy, she wrote:

(look! Darcy is good with kitties!)

"Darcy is a puppy poster child. She plays in hyper little spurts of energy and then passes out in any position that she happens to end up in. She's totally sweet and devoted and will let me hold her like a baby and rub that adorable spotty tummy as much as I want. When I take her for walks she demands that every single person we happen across must stop to admire her and it's rare that someone meets her that isn't immediately smitten with her. She loves to give tons of kisses (watch out for the ear nibbles, though) and always wants to be where I am.
When I am getting ready in the morning she'll lay down on the bathroom floor and keep me company. It's really sweet. Seeing her cuddle with my Frenchie is enough to break a girl's heart. Ideally I'd like to see her to go a home with another dog since she really enjoys that companionship. She loves any toy you throw at her which is nice but dangerous since she can easily mistake balls of expensive yarn and knitting needles as exciting new toys."

Oh, now, really! Look at that face? Could she really expect us to believe that sweet puppy could be guilty of destroying property? asks

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Darcy you are so cute! Does anyone want to drive you to Arizona so you can be my "French-cess"?


Nick and Jera Donner said...

It looks like Darcy is "pending"! My husband and I applied for her, either way, I hope she gets a loving home.