Thursday, September 18

Calendar Deadline: Sept. 19!

If you have adopted an FBRN dog and you'd like to submit a photo for one of the two calendars FBRN makes each year, Friday Sept. 19th is the deadline to submit your photo!

Here is Bubba, a 2006 grad, and former cover dog, making an appearance to ask that you get on the stick. This year, we'll have a calendar featuring photos of ONLY FBRN fosters and grads (no other dogs or people, please) and a second calendar featuring FBRN fosters and grads and their furry friends. Photos should be in the highest resolution you can possibly get, NO CROPPING and without any other kinds of fiddling at all by you, and in landscape mode.

Send your photos lickety-split to our calendar coordinator

We apologize for the late notice, but hope that the looming deadline will cause our friends, most of whom are terrible procrastinators anyway, to get busy and look through those photos you've been taking all year.

Do it tonight! shrieks

The Frog Princess


Halloween Fanatic said...

I have linked your wonderful website to my own. I think it is wonderful what you do for these great poochies! How much will the calendars cost? I would love to have one. Robert

Frog Princess said...

Calendars will be available at FBRN's CafePress store in November. Not sure about the cost, but it should be in line with other full size calendars.
Thanks for the link!

Tri and Justin said...

Frog princess - I kinda of adopted a frenchie through the network. It was from a family who didn't want to surrender and wanted to participate in finding the new family so we met directly, but it was due to the FBRN that we knew of one another. Can I still submit a picture of him? We've got some wonderful pictures.

Frog Princess said...

Send the details of the adoption and pics to:, and we'll see if your pooch is eligible for inclusion.