Thursday, September 11

"Beach Baby, Beach Baby, There on the Sand

Give me something that I can remember!"

Ahhh, summer! Twila got to go on vacation with her new family to the shore! Here are some photos documenting the fact that a disabled dog can have a great life and fun, fun, fun!

Here's her new mom's note to us:

"We are back from the Outer Banks and have discovered Twi's true calling in life: Beach Bunny. She absolutely LOVED the sand and water and just about drove us nuts chasing crabs. We were afraid she'd have trouble walking on the sand with her wheels, but we needn't have been. She handled it like a pro. As always, she was a rock star in the neighborhood we stayed in. Our walks took forever because she greeted every passerby and they all wanted to talk about her. By the end of the week, we had people pulling over their cars and stopping us to tell us they'd heard about her and wanted to meet her. The best question about Twi came from a 10-year-old boy:

Him: "What's wrong with her?"

Me: "She's paralyzed."

Him: "Does that mean she can't see?"

Enjoy the pix. I especially like the one of her tracks on the sand."

We like that one, too!

The Frog Princess


KhrisW said...

What sweet pictures!

Anonymous said...

Fly like the wind, little one.

Anonymous said...

Fly like the wind, little one.

Anonymous said...

Great story, she looks so happy!! Love the sand tracks picture.