Thursday, September 18

Smeagol to Attend Puppymill Awareness Day!

FBRN's unofficial mascot and undisputed main squeeze is getting in a Prius (he's very green) and driving from his home in North Carolina to the big doings in Lancaster, PA! Saturday, Sept. 20th, from 11 to 5, join with other decent human beings (including these guys!) in protesting the unconscionably cruel and horrifying treatment of dogs at the hands of puppy millers.

Puppymill Awareness Day has grown every year for the past 5 years, and with today's USA Today article, the event has even wider exposure than ever before. If you can't make the event in Lancaster County, PA, you may be able to find an event going on near you. Puppymills can be found in virtually every state.

FBRN will be visible at Awareness Day events, so watch for FBRN volunteers carrying signs (and weary frogs!) during the march itself. Before and after the march, look for the FBRN table and meet some current and former FBRN dogs and volunteers who will have driven or flown hundreds of miles for the chance to meet like-minded people and make some noise. Smeagol himself may be at the table for part of the time!

If you are a resident of Pennsylvania or you spend time vacationing or working in the commonwealth, make your feelings about Governor Ed Rendell's proposed legislation known. Visit the site dedicated to this legislation, read the shocking article about the puppymillers who elected to shoot their 80 dogs rather than make minor changes to the kennel and have veterinarians treat the dogs for flybites and parasites. Contact your state senator or the senator who represents the area you visit, vacation or work in.

Just yesterday, the PA House of Representatives passed House Bills 2525 and 2532 and thoughtfully rejected the amendments to HB2525 that would water down the law. It would be a lovely gesture to call or send a thank you note to your Representative! Now that the Representatives have done their part, Pennsylvania state Senators will be feeling heat from puppymillers across the state and the country who have a vested interest in continuing to exploit and profit from the miserable dogs in their "care." The voice of the people must be louder, more insistent, and more compelling than the voices (and the promises of campaign money) of the puppymillers.

If you attend, watch for Smeagol's big blue SmeagolMobile and give him a wave and a cheer! Smeagol is a puppymill survivor himself, and he knows the horrors his fellow mill dogs are enduring even now.

Right now.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the education. Hurray for all the Awareness Day marchers and celebrity supporters!! Thanks to all the sponsors and most of all BIG, Sloppy kisses for our hero, Smeagol!!!

Anonymous said...

Is there a particular street or area in Lancaster for the March? I'm unfamiliar with the area, but would like to attend...


Frog Princess said...

Directions to the meeting place are here:

Anonymous said...

We attended the event and Lancaster and it was wonderful. It was nice to be among people who are as passionate about saving dogs as I am. Thanks for all of the support!!1