Sunday, September 21

Haricot Is Full of Beans!

Great news about Haricot, one of our wheelie dogs:

"Next Thursday Haricot and I are off to Toronto again to go see her Neurologist. I have a lot of questions and want to see what the doctor says about my little Bean's progress. She has been walking more and standing more lately. Her muscle tone continues to improve and over the past week I notice that her bladder has also become more toned as well. Her bladder used to feel kind of soft and mushy.

Last nite it was quite cool here so we dug out the sweater she came with. What a cute sweater it is. It looks like it was hand made. Her she is modeling her sweater."

We have wonderful foster parents who really go the extra mile for our disabled dogs.

We bet the neurologist is simply amazed at Hari's progress! Isn't she gorgeous? And she looks so proud! She's going to be available next week. Preference will be given to applicants with a fish tank!

The Frog Princess


Unknown said...

And a special little frog she is, Frog Princess!

Anonymous said...

Haricot's foster parents are angels on earth! They have been the best support system as our Bea recovers from her spinal surgery.

Someone is going to have a very special bean in their family soon!