Friday, September 5

Slava Comes ALIVE!

Our cover girl Slava has some good news to share.
Slava is out of the hospital, off the sub-q fluids and having only two messy but controlled bm's daily. Too much info? Just wait.

She has digested blood in her stool, which indicates that there is bleeding high in the intestines.

However, the awful fresh bleeding is no longer in evidence, and the near constant explosions are a thing of the past!

Slava is now on a new steroid to see if the inflammation that may be causing the continued bleeding high in her digestive tract can be calmed down enough so that some healing can occur. The doctor has hopes that the bleeding can be stopped, but if it
turns out that Slava's condition is chronic, there is treatment that can manage the problem.

Slava's foster mom said her vet has asked her to send her some photos of Slava, and that her little boy asks about Slava. The vet techs think she's just wonderful. Her foster mom says that now that she's feeling better, she is a lovely, affectionate, happy girl!

We are so grateful for the contributions to Slava's care we have received. Almost half of the costs of her week's stay have been received through PayPal. It looks as though, even if her condition isn't curable, she will survive this awful spell and can go on to bring happiness and comfort to some very lucky family!

Thank you again for supporting our girl in her time of crisis!

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Way to go Slava. I knew you could do it. Sending more healing thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to cry. Thank you to Slava's foster parents and everyone who has helped her. What a difference in her sweet face. I will continue to support FBRN through whatever donations I can. It's not alot, but I know every little bit helps.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Slava is on her way to feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Go Slava! Woohoo! Hope you heal up super quick! We are rooting for you!

RHz said...

I have all my fingers & toes crossed for you, Slava. I wish I could help with more than prayers right now, sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Slava! You're so beautiful with such dainty feet. I hope you get better very soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see Slava looking like she is feeling better. We hope she continues to improve, and praise all who have helped her.