Saturday, September 20


This week, FBRN has a couple of Hallowe'en costumes on eBay! Both are handmade by an FBRN volunteer who makes a living as a professional seamstress. The details and craftsmanship on these costumes will really impress you. What Frenchie doesn't deserve COUTURE fashion?

One of the outfits is called Napoleon BONE-aparte. The costume is modeled by Ramsey, former foster, now a grad.

When we saw this costume, we were reminded that we received a video of former FBRN foster and current grad, Napoleon. Watch Napoleon and his tough life here.

The other costume is a sailor outfit, and we really wish we'd had a dog called "Popeye" to go with this one. But it's a mighty adorable costume, complete with hat!

Your French bulldog would be ready for a hornpipe and a mug of rum in this! Well, maybe you should drink the grog and let your frog do the dancing. On the other hand, if you both pass up the tot of spirits, you could make some money! At least you could if things haven't changed too much in the British Navy since 1933. Do we digress? So sorry.

The fact is, these costumes are so well-made and so witty (note the "frog" closure on the chest?) that your French bulldog will be the cynosure of all eyes at your Hallowe'en party, parade or trick or treat night at home!

Bid high, people! These are the last costumes you'll ever have to buy that frog of yours!

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Where are the little froglet girlie costumes? These are wonderful!